I have been in the fitness + nutrition industry now for 9 years. About 4 years ago I moved away from Crossfit and realized that I no longer feel “right” with helping people to lose weight. Why? Because I realized that diets do not work 95 % of the time and that I was setting up my clients for burnouts and failures after they finished my program.

When I first became a Coach, I wanted to help people feel their best. It’s an awesome feeling when someone asks for your help and in a few weeks they tell you that they feel amazing after losing some weight. Honestly, losing weight temporarily is NOT that hard. As long as my clients followed my meal and exercise plans, they would see results.

But it does not last. What happens when the scale stalls or someone gains weight? It is rough. The mood immediately shifts and I would spend the whole day rationalizing and trying to make my clients feel less shitty. Because they ALWAYS blamed themselves. I basically helped them enforce the body-hating and exercise obsession.

CrossFit was another story. I loved the sport. It became part of my identity, even. I still think that CrossFit is a great starting point for someone who wants community and support to start an exercise routine. However, I realized that it was an extremely competitive environment. Sure most people would say “I am just here to stay healthy”, “I do not care about lifting too heavy, I just want to have fun”, etc….but the truth is, everyone cared. Everyone eventually pushed themselves hard even with shitty form. I did it too, and I paid the price.

In 2006 I injured my back quite badly after a deadlift. Even after that experience, I still tried to go back the next day to do some more, thinking “it’s not that bad”. That day I felt a sharp pain going from my lower back to my right leg. I could not even walk to my car. I had to quit training for over 6 months.

During that time, I did a lot of reflection. I realized that what I was doing was not healthy. Exercising 2-3 times a day is not something I should be proud of. Feeling sore for days and days, is not a badge of honor. “Helping” women to shrink themselves is NOT what I am here for.

So I pivoted. It took a long time and during this break I found the joy of Intuitive Eating and Joyful Movement. I was excited.

Intuitive eating feels radical. I had realized that when I tell clients what to eat and do, the further they stray from their own body’s wants and needs, and become disconnected from their hearts. Do no harm? In my opinion, this is the WORST kind of harm.

What I teach now is SO MUCH HARDER than weight loss. I teach women how to actually listen to their bodies again after years and years of dieting and restricting. I teach women how moderation actually looks like. How to eat anything you want but not feel shitty afterwards. I do not give meal plans, because no one should tell you what you should or should not eat. I teach my clients how to be the best detective for their own bodies.

I wish to be active in creating useful content for you. I hope you will join me on this journey. So grateful to have you here.