Ahhh….the scale.

I had such a toxic relationship with it for years and years of my life. It was a device I actually hate but felt the need to always have it available as means to control myself.

Most of my clients weighed themselves everyday. On days that the numbers are “good”, then they get excited and would feel accomplished. On days the numbers are “bad”, then well…they feel awful and the whole day is considered ruined.

Sound familiar?

A few years ago my scale died. It needed new battery, and I did not have it. This was the beginning of my Intuitive Eating journey and I decided to not purchase a new one. Truthfully, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Was it hard? Absolutely. I felt out of control and I was scared that if I ever get on that scale again, I would see a super high number. But I stuck with it. Even when I went to the doctor I politely asked the nurse to not tell me the number (I got weighed facing the other way so I did not see the result). This was absolutely necessary for my mental health as I was trying to recover.

One of my realizations was that whenever I weigh myself and see that I’m heavier, my brain tells me I should go on a diet. However, I know diets do not work, so I would just the continue the cycle of body hating and even gaining more weight as a result of dieting. It was a waste of my time and energy.

If you are just starting your journey of recovery from disordered eating or just want to have a healthier relationship with your body, I strongly advise you to stop weighing yourself. Here’s why:

  1. The scale measures nothing else other than your relationship with gravity at a single point in time. Your weight can even fluctuate A LOT (I have “gained” 3 kg in 24 hours) based on many factors such as water intake, whether you have poop or not, muscle weight, hormones, etc.
  2. It can be a triggering factor for most women to go on a diet. The scale just perpetuates disordered eating and on many cases, exercising as a way to lower the number. This is not a way to live and clearly extremely unhealthy. As a result, your metabolism may take a hit and mentally, you will be miserable.
  3. The scale will keep you stay attached to diet culture. If you are trying to heal your body image, you need to shift your focus to other more important things. Are you content with your life? Have you been sleeping well? Are you moving your body out of joy? These are more impactful things to be asking.

I understand this shift is not easy, but it is so worth it to be on the other side of the obsessive behavior of weighing yourself. I realized that this was the kind of life I wanted to live, not being a slave to the scale. As I began trying to go out to eat more, not counting my calories or worried about what my weight will be in the morning, and surrounding myself with positive supportive people, I became so much happier.

If you need help getting through the intuitive eating process and ditching your scale for good, go ahead and contact me so we can chat to see if we are a good fit to work together.